My Lectures

I delivered a lecture at the South Church in South Glastonbury, CT on “Ancient Hindu Wisdoms for a Connected World” on October 3, 2017. Please see the content below.


The video of the entire lecture is shown below after the introduction by Rev. Larissa Forsythe. This may take close to 45 minutes. You may prefer to view segments instead.
Introduction by Rev. Forsythe is the first segment. The total lecture is at the very end of this series of videos:

The entire lecture can be viewed through the link shown below:

And I am grateful to many who shared with me their joy about the presentation. I show below a couple of the comments:

From Reverend Forsythe:

Dr. Srinivasan,

Thank you so much for your brilliant and compassionate presentation last night! What a blessing for all of us who were there!

The sanskrit is intact in the pdf. Thanks so much for sending your presentation manuscript. I know that many who were there and many who couldn’t make it will find it very valuable.

Many Blessings,

From my friend Dr. Chandranarayan:

Dear Sheenu,

I don’t know how I can thank you for a beautiful, concise explanation
Of maha vakhayas and explain so that others can understand.
The beauty is a well read person and novice both can understand
according to their knowledge.
I thank you for sharing your deep knowledge with us.
Can I send this to My classmates in India and Malaysia and rest
Of the world. ?
Best regards,
Chandra Narayanan