Hindu Weddings

For almost 30 years I have conducted Hindu Vedic weddings with the assistance of my wife Kamla. In some weddings both bride and groom were Hindus, but many others were interfaith. Working with the families, and other clergy, I have tailored ceremonies to bring together couples from different parts of India and couples where one partner was a Christian, Jew, or Pagan. It has been my special pleasure through these weddings, to discover the common threads that run through so many cultures and faiths.

Based on our experiences, I have written a book The Vedic Wedding; in which I describe the history and practice of Hindu weddings, and provide the basic steps for conducting a Hindu wedding. My goals are two-fold. First, to provide Hindus in the United States with a guide for planning their own wedding, and give participants full translations and explanations of the Sanskrit rituals that bind a couple as husband and wife. Second, to present a thorough, scholarly work on Hindu wedding practices, which date back thousands of years.

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Periplus Line publishers has released my new book on Hindu marriage ceremonies The Vedic Wedding.Author’s Note
Praise for The Vedic Wedding: Bookwire review 11-10-06
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