Reviews of Hinduism for Dummies

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There are a billion plus Hindus around the world today, and between 1.5 to 2.5 million Hindus in the United States. Perhaps your neighbor is a Hindu, or your child goes to school with Hindu children. Maybe your doctor or the guy at the gas station is Hindu. In just four decades, nearly 300 Hindu temples have sprung up in the United States alone. Still, Hinduism is not a household word in the Western world.
Mainstream Hinduism does not proselytize. Hindus have no interest in making you see their way because Hinduism’s fundamental belief is that God has many names. Hindus believe your way may be just as good, and that you and they will meet at the end of the journey. Hinduism lets you be. With such a detached outlook, no wonder the faith remains a mystery to most. My aim with this book is to unlock that mystery and help you develop an understanding of this ancient religion.

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